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Distribution and PMA Development

Wencor was established in 1955, supplying kits to military customers, moving into the distribution of seals, bearings and lighting, then further expanded into the design and manufacturing of aircraft parts with its FAA designation of a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA’s). Wencor was one of the first PMA companies to be awarded Organizational Design Authorization (ODA) in 2009, allowing us to significantly reduce the time to market of our PMA development projects. Wencor is the aftermarket aviation expert that consistently delivers a niched focus and high-quality service. We are steadfast in identifying and providing solutions to increase availability and reliability across the aerospace industry in order to build and maintain trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Wencor serves as an authorized distributor for numerous industry-leading manufacturers and supplies bearings, cabin interior products, filters, hardware, lighting and electrical parts, safety & communications and across six continents.

Wencor is an industry leader, with over 35 years’ experience, in PMA solutions; from evaluation to design to manufacturing. Our PMA components deliver cost savings, increased reliability and alternatives to OEM limitations.

We utilize technical expertise, market intelligence and top-quality parts to build trust, confidence and value with our partners.

We make it easy to get the parts you need, when you need them 24/7.