Wencor Group has been a trusted partner in aerospace for over 60 years, offering PMA design and development, CMM and DER repairs, and an extensive network of distribution solutions to help make flights safer and more cost effective. We support many of the commercial airlines, repair stations and OEMs worldwide through our corporate affiliates Wencor, Soundair Aviation Services, PHS/MWA Aviation Services, Aerospace Coatings International, Xtra Aerospace, Flight Line Products, Accessory Technologies Corporation, Fortner Engineering & Manufacturing, and Kitco Defense.

Wencor Group is headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area with additional offices in Utah, Miami, Seattle, Southern California, Alabama, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, and Istanbul.


Our Story

Core Values

Our purpose is to ensure each flight is safe and cost effective every day.

We strive for zero accidents.

Wencor Core Values: Safety

We do what we promise, and then go beyond!

Wencor Core Values: Continuous Improvement

We always seek a better way.

Wencor Core Values: Respect

We are open and transparent.