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I take great pride in the Wencor Group’s reputation as a trusted partner to our customers and suppliers in the global Aerospace industry for over 65 years. Our core values of Safety First, Exceptional Customer Service, Continuous Improvement and Respect have been the foundation that has backed the growth and success of who we are today. In addition, none of this would be possible without the remarkable Wencor employees who strive daily to deliver a personalized customer experience that uniquely sets us apart. Not only do we design, develop and provide parts and maintenance repair services, but we also offer comprehensive and innovative aftermarket solutions for our customers.  Our industry plays an important role in the global economy and we are proud that our products and services are present in the majority of daily air travel.

As we continue to move the industry forward our purpose is to ensure that each flight is safe and cost effective every day.

Shawn Trogdon

CEO, Wencor Group