Silver Wings Aerospace

Quality Makes Champions


Silver Wings Aerospace specializes in the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul within three core areas; Power Generation, Hydraulics, and Instrument and Electronic Accessories. Combined with our inventory stock and specialized engineering we are able to create individual flexible programs for all customers with on important goal of Total Cost Solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use all of our efforts to create a valuable service provider to the aviation community. We have established a company built solidly for the long term that is a foundation for the next generation of aviation.


Our Exceptional Customer Service includes total spares support, exchange programs with new and next generation materials, the highest quality FAA145 Repair Station and 24-hour AOG service – all contributing and building on Silver Wings outstanding reputation as an innovative leader in the aviation arena. 


Silver Wings is determined to bring the total value to the marketplace through Asset Ownership, Repair Control and Engineering under one company allowing capital preservation and guaranteed operational performance.


Silver Wings Aerospace is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our operation from a simple quotation to the certification of a repair. We are committed to continuous improvement of our quality systems to ensure the requirements of our customers are met to the fullest.