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Silver Wings Aerospace joined the Wencor Group in 2018, and specializes in the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul within three core areas; Power Generation, Hydraulics, and Instrument and Electronic Accessories. Utilizing inventory stock and specialized engineering, Silver Wings creates customized programs for its customers with one important goal of Total Cost Solutions.

Silver Wings Aerospace is the industry’s choice for a full suite of Power Generation (IDG, Generator, CSD), Hydraulic Pumps, Fuel Pumps, and Electrical Accessory repairs. Recognized as the largest third-party IDG shop globally, Silver Wings proudly offers two Avtron test stands and the capability to test and repair every commercial IDG available in the market. Additionally, Silver Wings also stocks more IDG’s than any other supplier for direct purchase or exchange.

Silver Wings incorporates its asset management model by utilizing used serviceable material to lower costs while guaranteeing spares and exchange availability to create added value when combined with repair expertise. Silver Wings supports a global clientele offering repair reliability, combined with asset availability and access to Wencor’s extensive PMA catalog, ultimately delivering customers a unique solution.


Our mission is to maximize our resources to become the leading service provider for Power Generation, Fuel Accessories, Hydraulics and Electronic Accessories. We pride ourselves on being able to provide engineered solutions that can drive both reliability gains as well as cost savings, along with our asset management solutions.

Silver Wings Aerospace is a member in good standing of the Aeronautical Repair Station Association.