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Filtration is the process of removing impurities from fluids or gases.  Clean fluids ensure the longevity and reliability of mechanical components, while clean air protects electrical equipment. The result? A healthier cabin environment and increased comfort for passengers.

  • B737NG Waste Tank
  • B747/757/767/777
  • A320 and A330

  • Component
  • APU
  • Engine

  • Supporting all Boeing and Airbus platforms

  • Supporting all Boeing and Airbus platforms

  • Cabin Air HEPA
  • Avionics Cooling
  • Lavatory Pneumatic

  • Carbon Block
  • Granular
  • Brass/Plastic Threads
  • Various water filter solutions based on your requirements for taste, odor, bacteria/virus removal and product life

  • OEM Filter Kits
  • PMA Filter Kits


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