Engineering Better Options

Why PMA?

A Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is an FAA approved alternate replacement part for use in the maintenance of type-certificated aircraft, engines, accessories and propellers. The approval confers combined design, production, and installation authority in one document (the supplement).

As an industry leader with over 30 years of PMA experience, Wencor provides PMAs to commercial, business and general aviation customers for virtually every section of the aircraft. Wencor also engineers Owner Operator Parts and Build to Print Machined Parts.

Our FAA-approved components typically offer 40-60% cost savings over the OEM equivalent.

  • Wencor’s engineering expertise can also incorporate significant improvements, resulting in more reliable aircraft components.

The FAA has delegated Wencor the authority to perform engineering, manufacturing, operations, airworthiness and maintenance functions.

  • Wencor was one of the first PMA companies to be awarded Organizational Design Authorization (ODA) in 2009. This means Wencor can significantly reduce the time to market of your PMA development projects.

Our design and engineering processes address many of the pain points and limitations of OEM products.


  • Air Cycle Machines
  • Hydraulics
  • Airframe
  • Landing Gear
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Pneumatics
  • Cabin Interiors
  • Starters
  • CSDs, IDGs and Generators
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Engines
  • Fuel Systems
  • Other Systems

Strategic Focus

Lowering Airline Cost of Ownership

In addition to supporting classic Boeing, Airbus and regional fleets, Wencor is also focused on new PMA development for various aircraft platforms.


  • 737NG
  • 777
  • 787
  • A330
  • A350
  • A380
  • A320 Family
  • CRJ-700/900/1000
  • Q400
  • ERJ-170/190
  • ATR-42/72

Coverage Across Over 30 ATA Chapters

Wencor provides PMA replacement components for virtually every ATA chapter and continues to be heavily focused on new PMA development.

Aircraft System

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electric Power
  • Equipment & Furnishings
  • Flight Controls
  • Hydraulic Power
  • Landing Gear
  • Lights
  • Pneumatic
  • Water/Waste
  • Airborne Aux Power
  • Engine Air
  • Engine Exhaust
  • Engine Starting
  • ATA 21
  • ATA 24
  • ATA 25
  • ATA 27
  • ATA 29
  • ATA 32
  • ATA 33
  • ATA 36
  • ATA 38
  • ATA 49
  • ATA 75
  • ATA 78
  • ATA 80