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Kitco Defense prides itself in meeting or exceeding the customer's requirements!

Kitco Defense provides structural aircraft assemblies for multiple tier 1 OEMs and the US Government. Kitco also provides a variety of services that the OEMs can no longer afford or desire to support, including supply chain and program management.

Kitco Defense currently is contracted to provide assemblies and support on the A-10 Wing Replacement Program. Kitco Defense procures and assemblies some of the sub-assemblies including the pitot tube for the A-10 program.

We have successfully manufactured and assembled both A-10 and T-38 wing subassemblies and components, F-5 vertical stabilizers and various mechanical assemblies and ground support equipment. Our small size allows us to be flexible and nimble. Kitco’s onsite engineering and quality assurance teams support assembly services. Certification documents are included with product shipments in conformance with US military requirements.

Aircraft supported with assemblies:



  • CAD/CAM systems –Siemens NX 8.5; SolidWorks 2013; GibbsCAM Virtual Gibbs
  • JobBOSS by Exact Holding NA, Inc.


  • Okuma NC Mill – model # MC-40-VA, 3 1/2 Axis
  • Supermax Manual Mill – model # YC-1 1/2 VS
  • Goodway Manual Lathe – model # GW-1640G
  • Sharp Manual Lathe – model # 1440V
  • AMW Surface Grinder – model # CC-150
  • Enerpac Hydraulic Press
  • W.F. Wells and Sons Stock and Part Saw


  • Deltronic Optical Comparator MSA 665
  • Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines (2) –Model # BRT-A-504, Tool # A504, A50 Brown & Sharpe CMM – Model # 555 Global Image, Tool # E5380
  • OGP Smartscope – Model # Flash 500, Tool # SS001
  • Leco Hardness Tester R-60d0
  • 6” Opt. Flat Visual Comparator
  • Fellows Gear Involute 12M


  • Keyence, Inspection machine
  • Mass Finishing Controlled Velocity Finishing
  • Polishing – model HZ160
  • Richwood Controlled Velocity Finishing – model CV-600
  • TOCCO Induction heater with Controller – model TOCCOtron 400 Series
  • Miller welders – models 251 (MIG), 250DX (TIG)
  • MacBlast blast cabinet – model TrinMac
  • Clemco blast cabinet – model Pulsar II