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World Class Provider of Aircraft Repairs and Replacement Parts

PHS-MWA Aviation Services

We service the following aircraft platforms:


717, 727, 737C, 737NG, 747C, 747-400, 747-8, 757, 767, 777, 787 

MD10, MD11, MD80 Series, MD90, DC8, DC9, DC10 

A300, A300-600, A310, A320 Family, A330, A340, A380 


CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, CRJ1000, Q400 

EMB120, ERJ135, ERJ140, ERJ145, EMB170, EMB190, EMB195 


Learjet, Challenger, Global 

King Air, Baron, Bonanza, Premier 1900, Hawker 200, Hawker 400, Hawker 750, Hawker 850, Hawker 900, Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000

Falcon 10, Falcon 20, Falcon 50, Falcon 7X, Falcon 100, Falcon 200, Falcon 900, Falcon 2000

Citation Mustang, Citation M2, Citation CJ2, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4, Citation XLS, Citation Latitude, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Citation Longitude

Gulfstream II, Gulfstream III, Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream V, G150, G200, G280, G300, G350, G400, G450, G500, G550, G650


206, 212, 214, 222/230, 412

BK117, BO 105

S-92, S-76, S-61

Vertol CH-46, Chinook CH-47

Looking for a world class provider of aircraft repairs and replacement parts?

Our mission is to be known as a world class provider of aircraft repairs and replacement parts. We will accomplish this through creative innovation in engineering of replacement parts and repair practices to give our customers a competitive edge by reducing costs.

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