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Chris Curtis - Wencor Group, CEO

Chris Curtis – Wencor Group, CEO

Everyone is a Customer!

Over the course of my career, I have always been passionate about Customer Service.
To me, great customer service is not just an objective it is a core value. It is an obligation that our day-to-day performance translates into a promise made is a promise kept. The question then becomes, ‘Who exactly is the “customer”?’

We tend to think that all of our customers are external to us – those we ship to, provide a service or complete a repair for, etc. While this is quite true, I don’t think it tells the whole story. Providing Exceptional Customer Service requires the belief that each employee is indeed a customer as well. No one department can single handedly serve a customer without the support from other areas. In essence, an employee receives work from a team member and passes work to others in order to meet the needs of our external customers. Quality (of work passed on and received) then becomes a key ingredient when delivering exceptional customer service. Doing so
helps ensure that we are successful in keeping the promises we make.

Our organization is focused on collaboratively identifying and fixing problems that could impact our customers. We are committed to living our core value of providing Exceptional Customer Service and strive to set a new standard of service within the aerospace industry.

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