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Important Information for Xtra Aerospace Customers:

We express our deep sadness and sympathy for all those who lost loved ones in the Boeing 737 Max accidents. Xtra Aerospace, LLC (Xtra) cooperated closely with the KNKT and NTSB during the investigation of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident.

The company also cooperated with an FAA investigation into Xtra’s operations that began months ago, which ultimately led to the non-emergency revocation of Xtra’s repair station certificate on October 24, 2019. The FAA’s action was independent of the KNKT’s investigation and report of the Lion Air accident, and the FAA’s findings do not reference the accident and are not indications that Xtra was responsible for the accident. The FAA subsequently issued a Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) concerning Xtra. SAFOs are often issued following certificate actions against companies. While we recognize and respect the FAA’s regulatory oversight, we disagree with the agency’s findings. An important consideration in reaching a settlement with the FAA was to minimize potential disruptions for Xtra’s customers.

The FAA’s order was based on procedural noncompliance. Neither the order nor the SAFO identifies any specific unsafe conditions or particular instances of improper maintenance. Moreover, the order did not include any findings that Xtra lacked adequate housing, facilities, technical publications, tools, material, test equipment or trained and qualified personnel for the articles it maintained. All FAA Form 8130-3 tags issued by Xtra remain valid. 

Xtra will continue to answer customers’ questions. As an additional resource, customers may contact customerinquiry@xtaero.com

For media inquiries, please contact mediainquiry@xtaero.com

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